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Frequently Asked Questions 


Disclaimer – Juice Pharm is built from people who are passionate about juicing and providing healthy food alternatives! We are not a group of physicians and would suggest contacting your doctor before embarking on your juice cleanse. If you have any underlying conditions, are under 18, pregnant, or nursing we highly suggest reaching out to your doctor to ensure that an unpasteurized juice cleanse is safe for you.  

Is a juice cleanse right for me?​

Some people use juice cleanses as a starting point to begin their healthier lifestyle, others use a juice cleanse to help bring more vitamins and minerals into the body. Whatever the reason make sure to consult with your physician prior to juice cleanse. 

Will I lose weight on a cleanse?

There is a possibility that you may lose weight on your juice cleanse.  However, we recommend focuses less of weight loss and more on detoxification.  

What is a Detox?

Detox - flushing toxins out from your body.

Our bodies should be detoxing everyday but sometimes due to poor diet or sedentary lifestyle the body's natural detox process lacks efficiency. Juicing can be a great method with helping the body to detox. Juices are packed with amazing vitamins, minerals and healthy enzymes that your body can absorbed. By detoxing the body through a juice cleanse you may have the ability to fight inflammation, boost your immune system, improve skin conditions etc.  

Do I only drink juice on a juice cleanse?

Typically a juice cleanse is juice and water. However, if you're struggling throughout the cleanse then we suggest drinking herbals teas, lights broths and eating raw veggies. Listening to your body and making changes is important!  A juice cleanse can pose physical and mental difficulties keeping a juice journey to track your progress may be helpful. 

What should I do while on the cleanse?

DRINK LOTS OF WATER!  Since your body is detoxing it is eliminating toxins which can be excreting by fluids. It is important to replace those fluids to help maintain proper hydration. If you don't drink enough water while on a juice cleanse there is potential for dehydration.   

Can I exercise while on a juice cleanse?

We suggest refraining from intense physical activities. 

What should I do pre-cleanse?

 Start removing process foods from your diet and start incorporating more whole gains, fruits and vegetables to help prepare your body for your juice cleanse . Practice proper hydration by drinking water now and write down your goals for this cleanse to help motivate you while on this journey. 

What should I do post-cleanse?

Congratulate yourself because you completed something difficult! Reflect on how you can change your lifestyle to reach your health goal(s). 

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