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Welcome to Juice Pharm - Where Health Meets Taste

Our Passion:

The human body is filled with amazing wonders, from the hair that grows from our head to the joints that allow range of motion each detail is special. Much like human nature we tend to get forget this because we use our bodies every day - sometimes taking it for granted. We fill ourselves up with lack of sleep, stress, poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle limiting our bodies full potential. If you think about it sometimes we treat our new technology or car or house - which are all replaceable -  better than our irreplaceable bodies. It isn't until something extreme happens that we wake up out of our poor habits going into full recovery mode. At Juice Pharm we understand that changing bad habits and finding room in a busy lifestyle can be difficult! We wanted to make prioritizing health more convenient by providing good, quality tasting food through juicing and alternative mylks.  We believe that dietary changes such as incorporating more fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds can dramatically change your life.

Our Name: 

 Did you know that at least 70% of Americans rely on pharmacies for prescription medication? This inspired us to call ourselves Juice Pharm because like the pharmacy we believe we are dispensing the right doses of medicine from the earth to help bring nutrition and balance to your body. Our belief is that the right foods has the ability to bring healing and restorative impact! Like the Greek philosopher Hippocrates said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food". Juice Pharm believes that we can transform lives through the power of our juice!  Juicing is one of the best and easiest ways to get your nutritional needs throughout the day. In each bottle we focus on balancing fruits and vegetables for taste and health, incorporating spices for added flavor and benefits and supplementing ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine such as adaptogen to help manage stressors in the body. Each ingredient is powerful and added to created what we believe is health in a bottle. When you choose Juice Pharm you are selecting a company that carefully thought about each recipe and how we can provide holistic healing to your life.  

Our Slogan:

​Cheers! to celebrating health.

 Our slogan, "Cheers! to celebrating health." was formed because when you choose Juice Pharm we believe you are making a conscious decision to choose health!  Therefore, a celebration is in order because we believe our small bottle can have a big impact. 

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