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Mylk Subscription 


Subscribing to our Mylk Monday's allows you to experience 32 ounces of fresh preservative-free mylk every week! 


How it Works:

1. Check out our menu . 2. Order before deadline. 3. Relax and enjoy weekly mylk deliveries.   


Expect fresh mylk to be delivered every Monday until the end of your subscription. Each delivery will come with care directions to help extend the shelf life of your raw mylk. 


Bottle Options:

-Glass Bottles-

All glass mylk bottles are cleaned and recycled which helps keeps the cost low with of this mylk subscription option. 


-How Glass Recycling Works?- 

Once you've receive your first mylk delivery the following Monday we will be picking up old bottles to clean and sanitize. As part of our Mylk Monday family we ask that you also clean your bottles. 

-Damaged Glass Bottles- 

When working with glass bottles accidents can happen, glass can be cracked or shattered so please handle these bottles carefully to prevent any additional charges.

-Glass Bottles aren't Returned- 

Returning your mylk bottles is important in keeping your mylk subscription cost lower than plastic mylk bottles. Any unreturned mylk bottle subjects you to additional charges.

-Plastic Bottles- 

We understand that everyone it different and wanted to provide the option for plastics bottles mylk deliveries. During your mylk cycle you will receive new plastic mylk bottles every single delivery. We will not be picking up these bottles because they are not recyclables for this mylk subscription option. 



 We offer our customers a full refund three weeks prior to the next mylk cycle. All we asked is that you contact us via email or phone with your name and order number. All contacts should be made that last Saturday - three weeks prior to the next mylk cycle. Partials refunds of 40%  will be given when you cancel two weeks from the next mylk cycle. Any refund prior to two weeks risk not receiving any refund. 

Cycle: duration of mylk subscription (4-5 weeks).​

Full Refund: 3 Saturday prior to new mylk cycle.

Partials 40% Refund: 2 Saturdays prior to new mylk cycle.


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